March 23, 2012

Made it to Friday!  Which is fantastic for of two reasons.  One, my friend K., whom I haven't seen in AGES, is trekking up to Boston for the evening.  Two, because both of my classes are cancelled today!  Thank you media conference, you're fabulous and you don't even know it.

This brings me to how hot it is in Massachusetts, I'm not really sure how, but whatever.  Seriously, give me spring back please.  {Cold weather too, but I'll keep that request a semi-secret considering the whole city is totally loving this strange heat wave}.

So, I jumped on board and painted my nails a pretty spring teal, my favorite nail color, to be exact.  I lingered around campus to enjoy the sunshine and read some more of my book.  I wore my new satin shoes out, oh my are they pretty.  I layered up my favorite necklaces.  I whipped up some sweet & spicy coconut chicken bites after discovering them on That's So Michelle.  Totally.  Amazing.  I literally typed in my grocery list (typed, how funny- thank you iPhone) and ran to Shaw's right after reading the recipe and they were delectable.

Oh hey, by the way, check out some of my favorite finds!
Ps.  This is super random, but I'm in need of some script fonts- any suggestions as to where I might find these?  Thanks, you guys are the best!

1. A Think Pink board via Lark & Linen
2. New prints at MadeByGirl
3. Styling your sofa the Glitter Guide way
4. Ann Taylor Neutrals via A Simple Affair
5. Sarah's home tour and some outtakes.  A Chevron wall!  I still can't get over it- I need one, it's decided.


  1. Love the look of those necklaces - gorgeous!


  2. love your instagram pictures! i wish i took good ones like this, mine always seem to be boring pictures of my shoes or trees. :)

    1. Thanks! But hey, don't be silly, I bet they're fabulous!



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