Playlist 05: Next Year

December 19, 2013

Last month I shared this playlist (with a few slight moderations) on one of the Northeastern blogs.  I talked about how fall is always my favorite season because it arrives with the feeling of a fresh start, or a new beginning...if you will.

With catchy tunes and fresh tempos, this is one of my favorite mixtapes to listen to while being majorly productive.

♫ Take a listen | Spotify

Next Year
01.  Team - Lorde
02.  We Sink - CHVRCHES
03.  Closer Than This - St. Lucia
04.  My Song 5 - Haim
05.  Bad Blood - Bastille
06.  C O O L - LE YOUTH
07.  Lions In Cages - Wolf Gang
08.  Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club
09.  Afraid - The Neighbourhood
10.  National Anthem - Lana Del Ray

What's on your most productive playlist?  I'm always on the hunt for new tunes.



  1. This is an awesome playlist! Team has been on Spotify repeat for weeks over here. Obsessed. I'm also loving "Chocolate" by The 1975 and "Let's Go Surfing" by The Drums.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Checking it out now!



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