Link Love

April 18, 2014

one // All about this floralove.  Also, how amazing is Katrina for sharing all of this with us?  If you haven't checked out Pugly Pixel yet, I highly recommend it.

two // I spotted this article somewhere (probably on Buzzfeed, let's be real) and couldn't get over how adorable this duo is!  So glad Lauren decided to share it with the blogger world.

three // This converted railway depot is perfection.  How fun are those chairs?!

four // This a photo an hour collaboration is really intriguing.  I think I would almost like to try this myself, but I'm thinking it would be a lot desk at work.  Not the most interesting I presume.

five // Jenny does a phenomenal job layering her rings in this post; such great tips!

six // These pinstripe pants and neon yellow heels?  I'm all about it.

What finds did you make this week?



  1. SO good. Thanks for sharing since I checked out practically of the links!! That photo by the hour is such a clever concept I dunno how my hourly would go on a you, it would mostly comprise of my desk. haha. Maybe not the most exciting.

  2. Thank you so much for the mention Gabriella!

  3. I love the a photo an hour link--what a fun idea!


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